Problem Checklist

Quick Problem Checklist

Are you having issues with your box? Have a look at this quick checklist to see if you can remedy the situation yourself and avoid the need for a repair call-out.
1. Reboot your router at least once a day. Pull out the plug, leave it 10 minutes, then plug it in again.

2. You have 2 VPN connections - if VPN1 is buffering, click on VPN2 and vice versa.

3. BBC iPlayer on the desktop may need an update. Click on Play Store and see if updates are available.

4. You can watch live BBC channels on iPlayer

5. You have 5 different apps installed to watch live UK TV

6. If a player complains about a license, you have lost your password for Google Play - it is in your paperwork. Click on the Play Store icon and re-enter your password.

7. If you have an authentication error in your wireless connection, you have entered the password incorrectly. Long press the OK button with your wireless network name highlighted and choose 'forget network'. Then re-enter your password paying attention to upper and lower case letters, 'O's and zeros.

8 The built-in email address must remain on the box for apps to update. You can add your own Gmail account from settings - accounts.

9. It is always advisable to unplug the box at night or when not in use.

10. If you have any problems, call us on option 2 and leave your details - we will get back to you as soon as possible. Emailing will be quicker and often resolves many issues simply.
Has this repairs checklist helped? If not, please call for further assistance.

 UK: 0800 772 0125 
Portugal: (351) 300 509 566
Spain: (0034) 951 190 321 
Outside UK: (0044) 161 432 5427
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